Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fourth Ramadhan

Today is the fourth day of fasting. Fourth day with my family (very much thanks to my boss for approving my leave). Third day of feeling unwell! Sore throat, coughing, running nose, women cycle that has gone a bit "confused". But alhamdulillah, today I feel much better compared to the first two days when all I can see was my only bed and sleep was my main agenda for the whole day. Haha....

Hmm...I've finally made up my mind to publicize MY OWN blog. Let alone what people will say afterward. Well, they just can read, and be so judgmental, can't they? I got freedom of speech, so do they. So...ade ku kesah? :p

If they hate what they see, it is best for them to stay away from my virtual house. Right? *Wink*

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Tak Suka

  • Tempoyak, petai, jering, cencaluk, etc..
  • Prejudis
  • Orang jual kuih talam dua muka
  • Makan daging kambing

Buatku Tersenyum

  • Senyuman si dia :p
  • Kucing yang nakal
  • Keluarga
  • Orang pekak dan bisu berkomunikasi
  • Anak-anak yatim dan OKU yang ceria

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